Trowbridge Museum

Trowbridge Museum has been working in partnership with Cloth Road Artists – to offer an artist the opportunity to use the collection as a resource of inspiration and a venue to curate a new body of work.

Trowbridge Museum opened in 1990. It is the only museum in the West Country with comprehensive displays telling the story of the once dominant, but now vanished West of England woollen cloth industry. Up until the 1980s, any cloth with the West of England label attached was known to be of the finest quality, with the finest finish, warm and wind-proof. Trowbridge was at the heart of this industry.

The displays include: a handloom and shearer’s workshop, a carding machine, a mule, two power looms, a pair of fulling stocks, a rotary fulling machine and a teasel gig. The ‘jewel in the Museum’s crown’ is the best preserved Spinning Jenny in Great Britain, itself a symbol of this country’s 19th century pre-eminence in innovation in the textile industry.

The Museum is currently housed in Salter’s Mill, the last working mill in Trowbridge. Salter’s Mill, a Grade II listed building constructed in 1850, finally ceased production in 1982 and was incorporated within the vibrant Shires Shopping Centre

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