How To Make A Bird Mobile

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in yesterday’s free craft activity ‘Bird Mobile’, here are some pictures of  David Birks, Education and Learning Officer showing you how to make your own!


Making a bird…

Ta Dah!

Making a cloud….

Ta Dah, a Bird Moible!

Paper, wool, sticks, wire, glue, a pencil, a pen and scissors used to create a ‘Bird Mobile’… just like magic!

Why not come along and see the exhibition?

Be inspired to make your own ‘Bird Mobile’ at home, then send them to us via twitter @TrowMuseum.

If you are interested in bringing a group of adults or students for a craft activity please do get in touch with Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts Officer on 01225 751 339 or email to discuss what we can offer!