Your Origami Birds


Origami, a traditional art requiring the folding and manipulation of paper dating back as far as 17th century,  possibly even further. The oldest unequivocal documentation of Origami is a short poem composed in 1680.

Origami starts with a flat piece of paper, which you fold in a particular way which creates a finished sculpture.

What is really fascinating is that the sculpture is produced without cutting or gluing the paper. It’s like magic,  something flat becomes three-dimensional!

To create Origami sculptures light weight paper such as ‘Origami paper’ is used as it holds creases well.   Normal weight paper that you might use in your printer, is heavier and does not hold creases as well.

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in today’s free craft activity ‘Origami Birds’, here are some pictures of what you missed out on!

Duck in the making…

Ta Dah!

Owl in the making…

Ta Dah!

These ducks and owls are fascinating! Made from folding a piece of paper. Watch out for them flying around Trowbridge and across Wiltshire.

Why not come along and see the exhibition?
Be inspired to make your own ‘Origami Birds’ at home, then send them to us via twitter @TrowMuseum.

If you are interested in bringing a group of adults or students for a craft activity please do get in touch with Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts Officer on 01225 751 339 or email to discuss what we can offer!

All photographs were taken with permission from participants.