Your Comments On Mockingbird

Jan and Sarah thought it would be nice to share the comments written by you the visitors!

What a wonderful exhibition. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a look around and booked on a workshop!

Absolutely love your ceramic birds, they are charming and quirky.  I love the textures and colours – hmm they are just scrummy to look at. You are very talented. Thank you.

Amazing and beauitful. The owls are the best I have ever seen. Loved them.

Visiting from California. Very interesting to see how inspiration is channeled from the seemingly mundane or prosaic into such original or whimsical artistic expressions.

Amazing work as always! Love all your sketches too. Wonderful how you’ve incorporated all the items from the Museum’s collection.

Why not come and see the exhibition yourself, and leave your own comment.


Textured Ceramic Birds

Jan Lane has been inspired by objects in the Museum collection. Over the next few weeks, there will be various posts to share the inspiration behind the contemporary art on display in the temporary exhibition gallery.

The ‘Textured Ceramic Birds’ were inspired by the card of cheviot wool dye samples (TRWBM: 1987.13), embroidered and beaded bags, (TRWBM: M209, TRWBM: M212 and TRWBM: W8.1) and fragments of lace on a wedding bodice (TRWBM: 1981.197).

Some of the ceramic birds have numbers hidden in their surface patterns which correspond with the colours of the numbered samples.

Come to the Museum and see if you can find the bird which corresponds with the sample number?

Students Fluttering In!

Let your students imaginations fly, as they are inspired by Jan Lane’s ceramic masterpieces!
David Birks, Education and Learning Officer.

On Friday 9th May, students from Larkrise Sixth Form came to the Museum to make clay birds inspired by Mockingbird. They had a flying time!

The session was led by David Birks, Education and Learning Officer. The students also had the opportunity to meet Jan Lane, the artist.

Larkrise School, Trowbridge is a purpose-built special school for students with severe learning difficulties. They cater for students aged 4 to 19 from across West Wiltshire, providing education and therapies adapted to individual needs.

Trowbridge Museum deliver craft activities on a regular basis, on many themes. If you would like to discuss bringing a class to the Museum get in touch with David Birks, Education and Learning Officer on or Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts Officer on or call 01225 751 339.

We hope to see you flying in sometime soon!


Brilliant Bird Bags To Be Rescheduled!

Today we had hoped to deliver the first craft activity for adults, ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’, related to the exhibition Mockingbird.

Sadly the artist has De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and must rest their wrist as much as possible. Although the artist has been looking forward to delivering the craft activity,  it will not help the recovery and hopes you all understand!

The craft activity will be rescheduled as soon as possible (all being well in July or August). Please note those of you who have booked a place for today’s session will have priority when the date has been rescheduled and will be contacted individually. Then any remaining spaces will be offered out generally.

In the meantime why not come along and see the exhibition at Trowbridge Museum, get inspired for what you would like your ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’ to look like. Also see details of other adult craft activities which are booking up quickly.

We hope Sarah makes a ‘flying’ recovery!

Affordable Art

Mockingbird is a solo exhibition by Cloth Road Artist Jan Lane in partnership with Trowbridge Museum.

During the exhibition Jan’s stunning new body of art in response to textiles from Trowbridge Museum’s archive collection will be on sale.

Jan’s works consists of brooches, owls, birds and wall hanging. The mediums used for the art are ceramic and wood, ceramic, felt and papier mâché.

‘Affordable Art’ ranges from £7.50 (brooches) to £180.00 (large owl). Come along and see the exhibition and purchase a delightful memento from the exhibition.

Please note that art featured in the post might be sold at the time of your visit. We would also like to express that art will not be available to take away until the end of the exhibition on Saturday 27th September 2014. Exceptions might be made at the discretion of Sarah (Exhibitions & Arts Officer) or Jan (artist).

Can you resist the temptation to buy some ‘Affordable Art’?

The Birds Have Flown In!

Mockingbird opened on Saturday 3rd May 2014 to coincide with Cloth Road Arts Week, which runs until Sunday 11th May 2014 (the Museum is closed on Sunday 11th May 2014).

The exhibition will then continue until Saturday 27th September 2014.
During the rest of Cloth Road Arts Week Jan Lane will be working in the exhibition space.  Come along, meet the artist and see her at work.

All of the art on display in the exhibition is for sale. Please pop into the Museum and speak to Jan (artist), Sarah (Exhibitions & Arts Officer) or a member of staff.

During the exhibition there will be FREE craft activities for both children and adults. Book soon and places are going quickly!

Tune in each week to find out more about the inspiration behind the exhibition and the stunning objects on display.

FREE Children’s Craft Activities At Trowbridge Museum

During the exhibition there will be FREE children’s craft activities. Read the new page on the blog to find out more!

FREE Adult Craft At Trowbridge Museum

During the exhibition there will be FREE adult craft activities. Read the new page on the blog to find out more!


Marketing The Mockingbird

Sarah (Exhibitions & Arts Officer) and Jan (Artist) have been busy bees! We now have marketing material, Mockingbird A5 Postcard and posters, promoting the programme of events taking place during Mockingbird.The exhibition which opens on Saturday 3rd May 2014 at 10.30am coincides with the first day of Cloth Road Arts Week.

During the months of the exhibition we have a flourishing programme of FREE craft activities for both children and adults see, Mockingbird A5 Postcard for more details!

Jan’s work is outstanding. The quality of work is subtle, presenting influences of her response to textiles in the collection. The craft activities she will deliver over the course of the summer are something not to miss and they are free to participate!

Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts Officer

The exhibition has been generously sponsored by Bob Charmbury and Trowbridge Town Council. The programme includes participation in Heritage Open Days 2014.

For other artists participating in Cloth Road Arts Week see Cloth Road Arts Week Brochure 2014.