Ta Dah Brilliant Bird Bags Is Rescheduled!

Sarah is pleased to announce that the rescheduling of  ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’ will now take place on Saturday 6th September, 1-4pm.

Please note those of you who had a place booked on Saturday 17th May will be contacted first  regarding the new date of the craft activity. We hope that you will be able to make it!

If not then any remaining spaces will be offered out generally. If you would like to go on the waiting list for ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’ please e-mail Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts officer on sarah.kenyon@trowbridge.gov.uk or call 01225 751 339 to leave a message for Sarah.

In the mean time why not come to the Musuem to see exhibtion, be inpsired!

Why not have a go at felting at home? You could make shoes or use the principle of resist felting to create a seamless structure! Send them to us via twitter @TrowMuseum.

Happy crafting!

Your Bird Brooches

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in today’s free adult craft activity  ‘Bird Brooches’, here are some pictures of what you missed out on!


The brooches in the making!

Almost ready!

Ta Dah!

Really enjoyed it – very friendly and helpful leader – thanks very much!

Brilliant session, really informative and generous with the materials and help. Lovely to spend afternoon with others, crafting. Thank you!

Thank you. Lovely to do something new for myself rather than the children.

These brooches are stunning with a hint of vintage, accessories with beads and buttons! Watch out for a flock of bird brooches on display in Trowbridge and across Wiltshire or even beyond.

Why not come along and see the exhibition?

Be inspired to make your own ‘Bird Brooches’ at home, then send them to us via twitter @TrowMuseum.

If you are interested in bringing a group of adults or students for a craft activity please do get in touch with Sarah Jane Kenyon, Exhibitions & Arts Officer on 01225 751 339 or email sarah.kenyon@trowbridge.gov.uk to discuss what we can offer!

All photographs were taken with permission from participants.


Your Comments On Mockingbird Keep Flying In

Jan and Sarah thought it would be nice to share more of the comments written by you the visitors!

Thank you Jan. Such a pleasure to see more of your work and the link with all the georgous textiles. I love the colours and textures you use.

Excuberant and quirky!

So beautiful and orginial.

Really lovely. Gutted I couldn’t do the workshops, as they are booked. Best i’ve ever seen. Will buy some brooches!

Why not come and see the exhibition yourself, and leave your own comment?

Your Comments On Mockingbird

Jan and Sarah thought it would be nice to share the comments written by you the visitors!

What a wonderful exhibition. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a look around and booked on a workshop!

Absolutely love your ceramic birds, they are charming and quirky.  I love the textures and colours – hmm they are just scrummy to look at. You are very talented. Thank you.

Amazing and beauitful. The owls are the best I have ever seen. Loved them.

Visiting from California. Very interesting to see how inspiration is channeled from the seemingly mundane or prosaic into such original or whimsical artistic expressions.

Amazing work as always! Love all your sketches too. Wonderful how you’ve incorporated all the items from the Museum’s collection.

Why not come and see the exhibition yourself, and leave your own comment.

Textured Ceramic Birds

Jan Lane has been inspired by objects in the Museum collection. Over the next few weeks, there will be various posts to share the inspiration behind the contemporary art on display in the temporary exhibition gallery.

The ‘Textured Ceramic Birds’ were inspired by the card of cheviot wool dye samples (TRWBM: 1987.13), embroidered and beaded bags, (TRWBM: M209, TRWBM: M212 and TRWBM: W8.1) and fragments of lace on a wedding bodice (TRWBM: 1981.197).

Some of the ceramic birds have numbers hidden in their surface patterns which correspond with the colours of the numbered samples.

Come to the Museum and see if you can find the bird which corresponds with the sample number?