Brilliant Bird Bags To Be Rescheduled!

Today we had hoped to deliver the first craft activity for adults, ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’, related to the exhibition Mockingbird.

Sadly the artist has De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and must rest their wrist as much as possible. Although the artist has been looking forward to delivering the craft activity,  it will not help the recovery and hopes you all understand!

The craft activity will be rescheduled as soon as possible (all being well in July or August). Please note those of you who have booked a place for today’s session will have priority when the date has been rescheduled and will be contacted individually. Then any remaining spaces will be offered out generally.

In the meantime why not come along and see the exhibition at Trowbridge Museum, get inspired for what you would like your ‘Brilliant Bird Bags’ to look like. Also see details of other adult craft activities which are booking up quickly.

We hope Sarah makes a ‘flying’ recovery!

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